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    I am equipping and being equipped by example through servant leadership.

    My increasing influence in the lives of others confirms that I am growing as a faithful and godly example worthy of imitation.

    I am confident that our congregation understands the doctrines of biblical conversion and assurance of salvation.

    Our church consistently models a gentle and respectful engagement with unbelievers.

    We are unashamed of the gospel message and proclaim it boldly.

    Our leadership articulates the gospel accurately and clearly.

    Our congregation uses their spiritual gifts to serve others inside and outside the church.

    Our church regularly equips congregants to discover and demonstrate their spiritual gifts.

    Our church calendar includes training times in biblical apologetics.

    I am sincerely heard by my leaders and able to submit to them respectfully in times of disagreement.

    Our congregation has a plan to equip people by example to share the biblical gospel.

    Our church enables enough ministry opportunity for every saint to use their spiritual gifts.

    My personal progress in the faith is evident to all, especially those closest to me.

    Our church celebrates and testifies together when congregants share the gospel with unbelievers.

    Our leadership encourages and examples personal evangelism with family and friends.

    Our church consistently connects gospel truths with gospel behaviour.

    Our congregation has an ongoing plan to identify and answer all cultural objections to Christianity.

    Our congregation knows and shares the reason for their hope in Christ.

    I collaborate with others to grow our church in gospel ministry.

    We have experienced the blessing of new believers in our church in the past 6 months.

    Our ministry model consistently reflects a confidence in the power of the gospel alone to save.

    Our leaders inspire the saints to unify and multiply our church in the gospel through spiritual gifts.

    Our church can confidently articulate how holiness and apologetics are connected.

    Our congregation is regularly reminded of the gospel for salvation and sanctification.

    Our church can clearly articulate the importance and purpose of spiritual gifts for gospel mission.