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    I am personally being equipped by example through our servant leadership.

    I am inspired to follow the faithful and godly example of our church leaders.

    I can clearly and confidently explain the gospel to my lost loved ones.

    My church helps me to know and give a biblical defense of my faith.

    My daily life and witness demonstrate that I am not ashamed of the gospel.

    I can clearly articulate the key points of the gospel in 60 seconds or less.

    I consistently use my spiritual gifts in harmony with other Christians.

    I use my gifts to serve others inside and outside the church.

    I can confidently answer the most common cultural objections to the Christian faith.

    Our church’s model of leadership is approachable, gracious, and gentle in times of disagreement.

    I can confidently explain the doctrines of biblical conversion and assurance of salvation.

    I know the specific ways I have been gifted by God to most effectively serve my local church.

    Our church leaders’ humility and progress in the faith is evident to all.

    My church equips me by example in personal evangelism with family and friends.

    I have shared the gospel with someone new in the past month.

    My church is faithfully focused on knowing and sharing the gospel.

    I present the hope of Christ’s Lordship to others in a confident and compelling way.

    I intentionally interact with non-Christians and hear their objections to Christianity.

    Our leaders consistently collaborate with one another to grow our church in gospel ministry.

    I am becoming less timid and more confident in talking with non-Christians about Christ.

    My life and witness demonstrate that God can do all His work by the message and power of the gospel.

    My church helps me discover and demonstrate my spiritual gifts.

    I respond to skeptics with the necessary gentleness and respect to continue our conversations about Christ.

    I am growing in my confidence of connecting the truths of the gospel with all aspects of my Christian life.

    I know how God has uniquely gifted me to build up others in the Body of Christ.